Everything DiSC®️ Management Profile and Online Course – Team Package

$197.00 per member

Enroll your entire management team in this on-demand online course!

Everything DiSC Management teaches managers greater self-awareness so they can understand the effect they have on others. This course also teaches managers how they can better relate to others and build trust.

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What’s included in your Team Package

For EACH SEAT you purchase…

  • One Everything DiSC Management Profile
  • 24/7 access to the on-demand, online Everything DiSC Management course
  • 24/7 access to the secure section of the Management4m.com site, including additional courses, webinars, and newsletter
  • 24/7 access as an administrator to manage your SEATS, inviting your team members to join, take the profile and go through the on-demand, online course at their own time and pace (additional seats are available for purchase)
  • Access lasts for one full year and is renewable, allowing your team to assess their year on year progress