What is Micro-Learning and Why Should It Matter?

What is Micro-Learning and Why Should It Matter?

Many managers and supervisors in organizations are feeling a sense of overwhelm, brought on by a range of factors, including…

  • Rapid adoption of new communications technologies, which results in being always “on” or available to others
  • The drive to create collaborative team environments, which results in a massive increase in daily interactions and interruptions
  • Right-sizing” in organisations which result in more work and an increased feeling of overload
  • Competitive pressures which create a sense of continuous threat and urgency (this is even true in non-profits as they compete for funding and talent)
  • Mergers and acquisitions, which in many cases upset the culture and sense of identity of the acquired organisation
  • Cost containment initiatives which result in feelings of being under-resourced
  • Lack of training and development for  managers and supervisors, who struggle with the demands created by all the other pressures listed above

Learning and Development professionals have tried to alleviate these pressures through the provision of management development initiatives. But they, like the audiences they serve, are caught in a “catch 22” situation: managers, supervisors and their staff don’t have the time or even the psychological/emotional bandwidth to attend even half-day courses that would, ironically, help them overcome many of these factors.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Enter Micro-Learning!

Micro-Learning has been put forward as an answer to the overwhelm that many of us are experiencing. It involves learning in bite size chunks (5 – 15 minute learning or information “nuggets”) and applying what you have learned immediately in the course of your daily tasks and interactions. The main claim is that it is practical and doable. It works because our attention spans have, over recent years, diminished to “point and click”…that’s the reason why TED Talks last no longer than 18 minutes! It also works because the learning is spaced over time: learn a little, apply a little, then learn some more.

Here at The Management4M, we designed our offerings in accordance with Micro-Learning principles and proven adult learning practices:

  • Modular: Each course is made up of Modules which take no longer than 5 – 15 minutes to complete. Each module is part of a complete course, and each course is part of a larger management and leadership set of competencies.
  • Spaced Learning: After each module, you are guided in applying the learning over a spaced period of time, using our powerful 4M Learning Framework.
  • Always available: After taking a module, you can go back and retake it anytime, it’s online 24/7 and never expires.

Imagine…if you can master just one Module per week, think what you can achieve in a year through Micro-Learning!