Membership in The Management4M brings you everything you need to succeed as a manager and leader. Developed by leadership author and consultant Brian Ward, here's what others are saying about his work...

 Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE

 Editor, Association Magazine 


"Brian Ward issues a challenge to readers who desire to be great leaders – honestly answer Brian's five critical questions and you'll learn a whole lot about yourself and your leadership focus"

 Cheryl Nerud

 Training Specialist, Boise, Idaho


"He has captured how to be recognized as a leader. These are excellent points for the leader who has a comfort level with managing! By separating the managing of "things", we can push back our desire for organization and administrative details, concentrating instead on our power of influence" 

 Danielle M. Wilson​​​​

 Physician Center Manager, Newark, Ohio


"What a refreshing new voice...! Many talk the concept of leading people, but few actually give the many different facets and their explanations of how to lead people." 

 Roger W. Noe

State of Kentucky, Central Region Mental Health


"When I learned to do these things effectively, things took a real turn for the better. My reputation in the field I work in got a major boost. I started developing programs for disadvantaged youth (currently up and working) and I started to get offers for promotions.

I am now very confident that I can accomplish about anything I undertake.

The big difference is that I now have a system to work. A system that works. I recommend this program to all. Get involved. You have nothing to lose but bad habits. What you have to gain is a proven system that works. 

Thanks and best wishes" 

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