How to Succeed as a Manager

- How to Succeed as a Manager -
Do Any of these situations apply to you?

You Are a First Time Manager, Who  Just Recently Got Appointed... 

While you were recognized as an excellent individual contributor, you know that it's going to be a challenge to achieve the same recognition as a manager. So you want to get a head start on making a good impression in your new role. You have been promised "management development", but that won't happen for some considerable time.

In the meantime, you have to make the best of the information, knowledge and advice available to you, which makes you feel really anxious at times.

You need a jump start on your management career...

You Are a First Time Manager, Who Got Appointed a Considerable Time Ago...

While you received a fairly decent orientation to your new management role, your training pretty much ended there. Many months, or perhaps even a year or more have passed, and you find you still have considerable gaps in your management skill set. You want to rectify those gaps.

You've been researching management development options, but many of them look too academic or theoretical. While you want to learn the theory of management, your immediate need is to obtain  practical guidance in order to deal with some people challenges you are facing. You also can't afford to take large chunks of time away from work to learn.

You want to learn effective ways to manage people, and you want to learn at a time and place suited to your busy schedule...

You Are a Successful Business Owner, with a Group of Managers Who Need Management Development...

You own a successful small to mid-size business, with anywhere from 50 - 500+ employees. While business has been good, you recognize that your company has reached a plateau, and you have identified some serious limitations to growth. One of those limitations is management capacity.

For example, this lack of management capacity results in you, too often, having to step into situations where the manager concerned is having difficulty handling it. This limits you to a daily problem-solving role. Instead, you would prefer to be leading more strategically, and focusing on the longer view. 

Consequently, you feel it's time to get serious about management development.

You've looked at some offerings for executive retreat style management and leadership development for your management team. Unfortunately, most seem to be way outside your budget. And even if you could justify the expense, this style of training, typically conducted over several days at a remote management retreat, amounts to only a one time "shot-in-the-arm" approach to management and leadership development.

You need something more enduring, and which won't break the bank...

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