Daily Management


The first domain in The Management Trilogy is Daily Management. This is where you will spend over 80% of your time and energy.

What is Daily Management?

Daily Management is a set of management processes which will allow you and your team to control and improve your organizations critical processes. The three primary management processes that make up Daily Management  are Planning, Delegating and Coaching. These all require a very distinct Management Mindset and Core Management Values...


In Daily Management, short term planning (think daily and weekly) is at the core of your management processes. And it needs to be collaborative to allow your direct reports have a say in what gets planned.


This is where you oversee the allocation of daily and weekly tasks to your direct reports, based on the plan that you created collaboratively with them. And it needs to be carried out in a fair and equitable way.


Following up after you delegate is essential to ensure that you support your direct reports in a way that is helpful and not seen as micro-managing. That's where coaching plays an important role.


Collaborative Planning will get you and your team off to a great start each week. Collaboration takes longer, but you gain the time back later. Here are some articles to get you thinking:


Delegating is where you agree with your staff on the fair and equitable allocation of work, based on the collaborative planning you have engaged in with them. Here are some articles to help you wth that:


In the past, Managers would follow up in order to ensure that people were actually carrying out the tasks that had been delegated to them. That's old school management. In today's environment, people want your support in carrying out their tasks. So you need to approach it from that perspective.

Develop Your Management Mindset and Core Management Values

As a Manager, you need to switch your mindset away from your own success and focus it on your direct reports' success. You also need to provide what is known as values based leadership - thats why we describe Daily Management as Leading With Values

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