We Develop First-Time Managers.

We focus entirely on the needs of first-time managers. The majority of first-time managers don't get the necessary training to excel in their role. This is especially true in small to mid-sized organizations. This results in disillusioned managers and disengaged staff. We aim to end that.

We are a service from Affinity Consulting and Training, with over 30 years of experience in helping managers become great leaders and achieve success beyond what they initially thought possible.


Our values guide us as we work with our clients:

FOCUS: We stay focused on helping first-time managers succeed.

AUTHENTICITY: We tell it like it is. We believe being authentic and vulnerable is essential to building trust with our clients.

COURAGE: We help our clients develop the courage to change, and we apply that to ourselves too.

EMPATHY: We believe being empathetic develops rapport. And without rapport there can be no change.

TIMING: We don't buy into the mantra that everything needs to be approached with a sense of urgency. Instead, we let the needs of the situation determine the speed we and our clients need to move forward at.