Online Management Training

New Supervisor and Manager Training

The Management4M is designed to help first time managers and supervisors get quickly up to speed and develop a strong foundation for managerial career success. It's also ideal for experienced managers who want to brush up on their skills or fill in gaps in their knowledge. And, if you aspire to leadership, this is a great starting place to help you make a successful transition to a management role.

Available on demand, 24/7 to provide you with the management and leadership tools and techniques when you need them.

  • The Launch Series
    Join our Management4M Launch Series to jump-start your career as a manager. The Launch Series covers the essential management topics that form a strong foundation for your management practice.
  • The Advanced Series
    After taking the  Management4M Launch Series, you will need to engage in continuous learning if you are to stay on top of your management game. Our Advanced Series provides this continuous learning.
  • So You Want a Career in Management? Here's What to Expect!
    To succeed as a manager, you need to cover all aspects of managing and leading. The Three Domains of Management will provide you with the framework for success.
  • Get Started, Keep Going
    Join our community and receive the first THREE months of membership FREE! We will not charge your credit card until the three months have expired. You can cancel at any time.