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Lead People...Manage Things:

How to Succeed as a First-Time Manager

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Are you a first-time manager? Most first-time managers receive little or no training in how to manage and lead.

Our mission at Management4M is to provide world class training for new, first-time managers so they don't have to struggle.

Training for new first time managers is now available online. Register below for this FREE four part course to management and leadership and get going...


Video #1

Your Roadmap for Success


Video #2

Daily Management
Leading with Values


Video #3

Crisis Management

Leading with Valor


Video #4

Strategic Management

Leading with Vision

The Fastest Way for You to Succeed as a Manager!

Most new first-time managers get little or no training for success as a manager. Consequently many struggle throughout their careers, developing ineffective habits along the way. They then pass on these habits to new managers, and the cycle continues. It doesn't have to be that way.

What You'll Discover In This Free 4-Part Video Course:


Video 1: Your Roadmap for Success

This introduces you to The Management Trilogy, and  covers the three domains of Management - Daily Management, Crisis Management and Strategic Management


Video 2: Daily Management - How to Manage Your Day to Day Challenges

This is where you spend 80%+ of your time. Learn about managing day to day challenges in a way that gets you respected by others, including your direct reports, your manager and your peers.


Video 3: Crisis Management - How to Get Ready to Handle Crises

In today's world, it's inevitable that you will be faced with crises. We've identified ten types of crises - the key is to be ready for when they occur. We show you how.


Video 4: Strategic Management - How to Be a Visionary Leader

Becoming a visionary leader takes you out of the day to day hustle and lifts you and your team to new heights. It's not easy, because strategic management involves initiating change. We show you how to master this competency.

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