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According to some experts, most people who get appointed to management positions never get adequate training to be a manager. Because of that, they struggle for a long time in their management role. And when they struggle, so do their staff. And their customers. And in many instances so do their families.

Our Mission at The Management4M is to end those struggles

Micro-Learning for Busy Managers and Supervisors

Available 24/7, we provide workable answers to your most pressing management and leadership challenges. Our resources are delivered to you in self-paced, bite-size chunks, and form part of a larger management curriculum.


Our goal is to give you the resources you need to become a great manager. And we know from experience that managers like you can’t get the training you need by surfing the web…that’s like drinking from a fire hose.

We believe in the power of bite-size, self-paced learning. What we have found is that small chunks of information, applied consistently, can far outweigh what you can get from haphazard “binge learning”.

We divide this learning into three critical areas. We call them The Three Domains of Management:


The Three Domains of Management

Three Domains ManagementThree Domains ManagementWhen you pursue a career in management, you will need to master a range of competencies (attitudes, skills and knowledge) and put them to good use within three domains of management practice:

  • Daily Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Strategic Management

To succeed in each of these domains means that you will need to master certain core management competencies. 


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