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Lead People...Manage Things:
How To Succeed as a First-Time Manager

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Lead People...Manage Things: How to succeed as a first-time manager

your Management Journey

The Key is to Stay Focused

When you started off on your management journey, you probably noticed that everything changed. Before you became a manager, you were an individual contributor, and your focus was mostly on yourself - your goals and your success.

Now, as a manager, your focus has changed. 

As a manager, your role is to help other people succeed. When they succeed, you succeed. Adjusting your mindset towards this shift in focus represents the start of your management  journey...

Course Overview

Your management journey will take you to several destinations. Among those destinations, three in particular stand out. You need to make these destinations your key focus.

This online course explains this in more detail. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect...

Business team brainstorming together in a modern office

Destination #1
Daily Management
Leading with Values

This part of your journey takes the most effort, and will consume most of your time.

You need to take care of day to day business - ensuring...

  • your staff stay healthy and safe; 
  • you don't harm the environment; 
  • your customers are well served; 
  • the quality of your products & services meets or exceeds standards and expectations;
  • costs are maintained or reduced; 
  • everything gets delivered on time, every time.

And in the midst of all this, you also need to cultivate your team's values and build a strong and enduring team that embraces innovation, collaboration and caring.

You will need to Lead with Values.

Destination #2
Crisis Management
Leading with Valor

This part of your journey involves risks and perils.

It can happen to any manager, and it will probably happen to you too...

A crisis or crises 

You need to be able to anticipate, prevent, plan for, mitigate and deal with the aftermath of, various types of crises (there are ten types in all, which we share with you in the course).

And what do you do when other managers (maybe even your own manager) ignore the potential dangers? This is where your skill as an influencer really comes into play! In this course, we show you how to influence others, including your manager.

You will need to Lead with Valor.

Destination #3
Strategic Management
Leading with Vision

This part of your journey involves working with your team to create your collective future.

Now if you haven't mastered the other two domains, you probably won't feel as though you have the energy or personal resources to manage this one.

But manage it you must! And the demands to be a more strategic thinker and leader can hit you earlier rather than later!

Your manager, your team, and your colleagues will want you to step up and be a strategic manager, to Lead with Vision.

In this course we show you how to develop as a Visionary Leader.

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